Vibration Plate Machines For A More Improved Health

So you are looking for a whole body vibration machine? But which one? A co-worker refers you to one make and model. Another cousin of yours has seen a great-looking one from a different power vibration machine brand. And your best friend has seen advertisements of yet another plate based vibe machine model for easy body fitness and exercise.

But did you know that vibration plate machines use different technologies? Not all power plates are the same. So how do you identify the right one suitable given your circumstances? What’s the right technology for you? Why should you select some technology over the other? How to evaluate the brands? In this website, we analyze exactly what a vibration plate machine is, how to identify the best vibrating plates and how to choose or discard a machine model. We then recommend some of the vibration machines that we believe are great.

How does a vibration plate machine work?

The vibration plate machines are designed to provide your body with vibration for improving your health. “Health improvement” is too broad a phrase and can be interpreted in multiple ways. And indeed, there are different kinds of machines with fundamentally different vibration plates. We shall go into the driving technology shortly. The underlying reason that these machines impact the human body remains the same – the vibration.

The vibration plates provide sharp accelerations to the human body by making it vibrate. While the actual vibration rate can be set with any reasonable vibration machine, you would want to keep this higher than the body’s normal vibration frequency (18 Hz). Once the human body experiences the vibration, it tries to react to minimize the impacts and hence contracts the muscles. Thus the whole body vibration at such frequencies effectively provides exercises to the body muscles.

The vibration and the associated acceleration of the body is what eventually leads to all the tangible benefits such as significant weight loss with lot lesser exercises, sweating and improved physical fitness.

What’s the underlying technology?

As you would have understood by now, the underlying technology of vibration plate machines is exactly what the name implies – the machines provide plates that will vibrate your body when you stand on the machine and switch it on. Interestingly, there are multiple kinds of vibrations possible, each kind of vibration having its own class of benefits.

One vibration plate machine uses the pivotal model of vibration and the other one is the linear one. The utilities are different. And importantly, because of the ways that these two vibration machines operate, they end up catering to different audiences altogether. It is thus mandatory for you to understand the two types and choose your model accordingly.

The linear vibration plate machines are well-accepted among the body-builders. These plates are powerful and are great for helping the workout sessions. They generate significantly high acceleration and can go easily up to a 50 Hz frequency (for the better quality machines) with the full linear vibration. That’s some serious exercise. It is not surprising that body builders and fitness trainers prefer using these machines.

The pivotal vibration plate machines are liked by people having bad backs simply because of the fundamental nature of vibration. These machines do not perform any linear movement in their vibration. The axis of their movement makes your body go just up and down. So the vibe is easier for your back to absorb if you do not have a great back. Chiropractors also agree that pivotal vibration machines are better suited for the requirements of people with a bad back, knee issues or joint issues.

What are the benefits?

Vibration plate machines are popular because they make life simple. They provide a great platform for taking basic exercises in a simple way. And they are designed to produce results that are significantly improved, by providing desirable vibration to the body framework.

One primary objective of the whole body power vibration plate machines is to help users lose weight and improve their body tone without exerting the muscles, joint and body framework by providing extra weight. In fact, the removal of the requirement for any additional weight improves the lifespan of the joints, muscles and ligaments. This translates to a low-impact training method. The objective of providing such training method is to enable those on the wrong side of age and those with inadequate exercising abilities to also be able to reap the benefits of taking regular exercises.

The vibration machines use acceleration for providing the deep muscle-level exercise. In fact, the deeper the muscle movement happens within controlled frequency, the better is the vibration plate machine. Supplying either additional mass or additional acceleration to the body is a standard of fitness training; and the WBV machines achieve this by working on providing acceleration.

The training time gets drastically reduced with vibration plate machines when it comes to ongoing body exercises and fitness training. The simplicity of usage of the machines and the enhanced effectiveness makes them popular. You could choose to enhance the benefits of your regular exercises such as the sit-ups and push-ups by doing them on a vibration plate machine surface.

Research has shown that body vibration helps. More research is going on to determine the exact correlations in many cases, but there is clear indication in academic studies that body vibration can help one improve in terms of physical fitness, eliminate pains and reduce many physical issues. But a word of caution here – there is also indication that too severe and highly uncontrolled vibration can be damaging – so never go for an arbitrary vibration plate machine that has not undergone adequate testing.

In summary, the benefits that a vibration plate machine would provide to the body are the following.

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle strength increase
  • Muscle flexibility
  • Bone mineral density improvement
  • Blood circulation enhancement
  • Injury recovery
  • Joint pain reduction
  • Decrease of cellulite
  • Muscle tone management

These benefits are significant. Add the fact that these are obtained by very little work because most of the work is done just by standing on the vibration plate machine, and it becomes clear why these machines have become so popular among health conscious people.

When should I not use vibration plate machines?

There are some clearly defined situations that you would not want to use a vibrating plate – in fact, there are conditions when it would be dangerous to use a power vibration setup. And not only that, since some people may have contraindictions that would impact them negatively if they use the vibration technology, it is always recommended that you talk to your health professional (doctor) before you commit to purchase a WBV machine.

Some of the conditions that are clearly not great for using the vibration plate machines are the following. And take note of these points no matter what the manufacturer of the WBV machine claims.

  • Pregnancy: If you are a pregnant woman, stay miles away from a vibration plate WBV machine. The whole body vibration is likely to cause damage to the foetus. Avoid these machines at all costs unless your doctor explicitly asks you to use.
  • History of brain injury and/or existence of blood clots: If you have a history of brain injury in past, then make sure that you consult your doctor before you choose to opt for going on these machines. And also if you have blood clots then vibe plates could be dangerous for you – it could expose you to strokes.
  • Existing heart weakness: Vibration plates provide through exercises. So if you are a heart patient then it may potentially cause damage to your heart depending upon your actual condition. Make sure that you talk to your doctor if you have a known heart issue, before you start using a WBV machine.
  • History of spinal injury and/or slipped disks: If you have had a history of spinal injury and/or slipped disks then don’t go for the linear plate configuration. Talk to your doctor and figure whether the pivotal vibration plates are safe for you.
  • Cartilage and/or knee issues: If you have a known knee or cartilage prior injury or damage then thorough exercise may hurt the injury or damage in certain cases. Again, your doctor is the best judge under such circumstances.
  • History of retina detachment: If you have a history of retina (eye) detachment then you almost certainly should not use the whole body vibration machines. You don’t want to become blind, do you? But if your retina has been fine and your doctor thinks it is okay for you to go ahead, then just go ahead.

Where should I get my whole body vibration plate machine from?

There are several companies that provide these machines today. The price ranges, depending upon the features and add-ons, could differ as drastically from $300 to $16,000. That’s a big price range. While the low end machines are usually terrible (and that’s why they are priced so low), you don’t need to spend that high for a good machine. Anywhere between $1,500-$5,000 is enough – if you go by the machines we recommend.

Before that, watch this video on how bad a low-end machine can get. We have created this video to help our readers remain protected against crap.

On the other hand, look at how solid our recommended machines are in the video below. Again, these are videos we have created exclusively for the benefit of our readers.

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