Disadvantages of Using Vibration Machines

by S Dey on May 25, 2012

A foreword based upon the way our readers react seeing this page: Probably everything on earth has a set of disadvantages associated with it, just like they have their advantages. For WBV machines, we’ve written a small separate post here and also on the home page of the site. We really believe that the disadvantages of WBV machines are way lesser comapred to the benefits they provide. So rather than aborting your idea of optinng to use a WBV machine, no matter which brand you choose to use, please do make sure that you read both sides of the story (the advantages as well as the disadvantages) before you decide. Once again, the benefits are listed on this benefits post.

Unlike normal everyday exercising techniques, the vibration machines will not accelerate your heart rate, they will not do anything to your muscles and also, they generally don’t account for your metabolic rhythm. Some conditions are not as forgiving to this type of exercise as others are.

You cannot expect to reach a good conclusion as long as your body does not react well to vibration machines. People who have compromised circulatory systems are by default denied the ability to use such machines.

The blood vessels can sometimes rupture and lead to small blood clots. If those are absorbed into the circulatory system, the people that use them will have physical problems. It is always a good idea to talk to a doctor in order to find out if it is a safe way to exercise or not.

Not everyone has the same circulatory system and not everyone can count on the same results. Finding out if it works for you is one-step into acknowledging that cautious usage is always required.

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